Shining Piper Fifes

Shining Piper(Colorful Edition)’s innovative key system stops flutists, especially ones at young ages, from worrying about the adaptation of fingers and the tone holes. With the beginner-friendly embouchure design, Shining Piper sharply enhances teachers’ teaching efficiency and kids’ learning pleasure.

Shining Piper can lead young flutists to step over typical barriers and ease the learning process. Our children have been blocked away from early beginning of music learning by the size and weight of traditional flutes. Shining Piper is designed with fine pitch and semitones. It applies the same embouchure design with flutes, which allows children to achieve a seamless learning before reaching traditional flutes.

Shining Piper succeeds fife’s established history and got perfected with modern technology. More than a perfect choice for beginners, Shining Piper is a new shining star in the marching band and stage performance!

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Shining Piper Fife

The Shining Piper is the best instrument for children or beginners in the market today. Although its design is sure to dazzle the eye and excite any child, it is a serious instrument and a great learning tool. Choose from a variety of colors. Call for available colors.